The University Of Iowa College of Pharmacy publishes a news update on a quarterly basis; the publication is called "HawkScripts."  In the current edition (Fall 2012), Dick Hartig is featured in an article.

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Hartig Drug will post more information about the Smart D plan soon.  
Please read the press release below for current information about the plan and how to find out more.



Richard Hartig, R. Ph., M.B.A.

CEO, Hartig Drug Stores


Hartig Drug Stores to Participate in Preferred Network for Smart Insurance Company, Inc.

Dubuque, Iowa – September 20, 2012 — Dick Hartig, CEO of Hartig Drug Stores announced today a new plan...




September 18, 2012

HARTIG DRUG WRAPS UP ANOTHER FESTIVE ROCK ‘n Roll REWIND for the benefit of Albrecht Acres, a summer camp for people with special needs. 

Call it a “throwback party.”  For the third year in a row, Hartig Drug and The Dubuque Rock Veterans were able to hand a check for $10,200 to Camp Albrecht Acres.  In a presentation today to the Executive Committee, Dick Hartig, CEO of Hartig summed it up, “As a team, “Rewind” is, at its minimum, an act of passion.” Passionate volunteer musicians gathering annually for fun...

Hartig Drug currently has a fresh batch of Flu Shots for the 2012 Flu Season.  All of our Iowa locations, including; Dubuque, Dyersville, Iowa City, Independence and Waukon have the vaccine on hand.  You can also get the vaccine at any Illinois or Wisconsin Hartig Drug location.

The CDC currently recommends that anyone 6 months and older be vaccinated for the flu on a yearly basis.

At Hartig Drug you can get your flu shot with little or no wait time.  You can either call ahead to schedule an appointment or walk-in's are also welcomed. 

To help out our customers, our...


The Hartig Photo Center app lets you easily order prints from your photo library and from photos you have stored online at  You can pick up prints from any of our convenient locations in Iowa, Wisconsin or Illinois.  The app also lets you easily upload pictures from your photo library to your online collection for sharing and storing.


Hartig Drug is combing two great programs into one.  As of February 15th, 2012 the Rx Rewards Program will be combined with the Hartig Drug Rewards program.

This transition will make it easier for Hartig Drug customers utilize our programs and get more back for shopping at Hartig Drug.  Customers will get 1 point for each dollar spent on general merchandise and 25 points for each prescription they purchase from Hartig Drug.  Once the member reaches 250 points Hartig Drug will mail out a $5 Hartig Cash Postcard.  This $5 can be used on purchases of general merchandise at...

Hartig Drug has launched a refill app for Android devices.  The app (called Rx Central) will allow Hartig Drug customers to easily refill their prescriptions using their mobile device.

To download the app to your device visit the ...

Hartig Drug employees have once again come together to raise money for breast cancer awareness month.  Here are some great images of employees sporting pink t-shirts for the cause!

HARTIG DRUG WRAPS UP ANOTHER BLOCKBUSTER ROCK ‘n Roll REWIND for the benefit of Albrecht Acres, a summer camp for people with special needs. 

Wow.  What a weekend!  Hartig Drug, the Corporate Sponsor for the 2ndAnnual Rock ‘n Roll Rewind broke all records from last year.  Held over the weekend of August 5 and 6 at the Mississippi Moon Bar at the Diamond Joe Casino, the “Rewind” event featured 20 Bands from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, whose musicians came from all over the United States to reunite with their former band members.

And get this….every one of the musicians was also a “...

Hartig Drug has launched a Rewards program as a way to say thank you to our loyal customers.

The Rewards program is an opt-in program that allows Hartig Drug customers to earn points on purchases made at Hartig Drug retail stores.  For each dollar spent the customer will receive 1 point.  Each time the customer accumulates 250 points, Hartig Drug will mail the customer $5 in Hartig Cash that can be used on the customers next purchase.

To help customers earn points faster Hartig Drug will offer Bonus point days where customers can get additional points.  In addition, Hartig...