Hartig Drug Company is now offering flu shots and the recently approved bivalent Covid-19 boosters at all locations. To continue efforts to decrease the spread of influenza and Covid-19, Hartig Drug will support co-administration of the flu and Covid-19 vaccines during a single pharmacy visit, per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

The CDC strongly encourages those over the age of 6 months old to receive a flu shot to help protect themselves and their communities from vaccine-preventable illnesses and decrease potential hospitalizations. Hartig Drug offers a quadrivalent flu vaccine and high-dose (Fluzone HD or FludAD) for older patients. Most prescription insurance plans cover the entire cost of your flu shot.

In addition to the flu shot, the CDC continues to recommend those eligible for Covid-19 vaccines and boosters remain steadfast in the efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and help prevent more severe illnesses by getting a Covid-19 vaccine and booster.

Both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Covid-19 bivalent boosters will be available at Hartig Drug. Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 bivalent boosters are approved for individuals 12 years and older, and Moderna Covid-19 bivalent boosters are approved for individuals 18 years and older. Both bivalent boosters are a single dose, and it must be at least two months since an individual has completed a primary vaccination or received a booster dose of any authorized or approved monovalent Covid-19 vaccine.

With the authorization of the bivalent boosters, the monovalent mRNA Covid-19 vaccines are not authorized as booster doses for individuals 12 years of age and older.

“Hartig Drug and our dedicated teams have continued to provide Covid-19 vaccines throughout the pandemic, and we’re preparing to again support influenza and Covid-19 booster vaccines. Covid cases are prevalent in our tristate communities, and vaccine immunity wanes over time. The new vaccine booster will help reduce the risk and severity of Covid-19 infections as we start school, travel, and see loved ones over the holidays later in the year. It is critical for everyone to get up to date on Covid and influenza vaccinations as they become eligible to protect themselves and their community,”  said Charlie Hartig, CEO of Hartig Drug.

To better serve our patients, Hartig Drug strongly encourages appointments via our vaccine scheduler at www.hartigdrug.com/appointment but will accept occasional walk-ins for both flu and Covid-19 vaccines as time permits.

In addition to the flu shot and Covid-19 vaccine offerings, Hartig Drug carries and administers other vaccinations, including pneumonia, shingles, and HPV. Hartig Drug also offers company vaccination clinics. For information on hosting a clinic, please visit www.hartigdrug.com/workforceflu.

For additional information regarding flu and Covid-19 vaccinations, please visit www.cdc.gov.





About Hartig Drug Company

Hartig Drug Company (Hartig Drug) is a local, family-owned, and operated group of pharmacies located in the Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois tri-state region. Hartig Drug was founded over 115 years ago by A. J. Hartig.

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